JUNE 27-28-29-30 2019
Exclusive Event
For the first time Jojo is making an exclusive full 4 days-drum camp in the West
Full-time Sessions
Jojo will be teaching in person for two 3-hours sessions every day
Full-board Accommodation
The 4-star "501 Hotel" offers full accommodation in Vibo Valentia
Concert and Gadgets
Jojo will perform a special concert. Moreover, gadgets will be available for all students
Jojo Mayer Live Performance
In 2014 Modern Drummer Magazines listed him as one of the 50 Greatest Drummers of All Time.
Swiss born Jojo Mayer started playing drums at an early age and had his first public performance at 2 sitting in with his dad's band.

At age 18 he received his first international exposure when touring with Monty Alexander and backing up Jazz legends such as Dizzy Gillespie and Nina Simone.

In the early 90's he moved from Europe to NYC where he worked as a first call sideman for a wide range of artists and styles.

As a leader he created his seminal work with NERVE which established him as one of the great performers and innovators on the instrument.
Course Objectives
The Camp is divided in 3 areas:
  • 1
    In this entity I will elaborate about the things that concern our physical interaction with the instrument. This ranges from talking about gear, how to select and adjust it, to issues that concern our body such as aspects of technique like grip, hand, arm and leg movements, strokes, seating position, balance issues etc.
  • 2
    This concerns how we approach, shape, and organize the aspects around our performance. This includes interdisciplinary issues such as building our musical vocabulary, unlocking and understanding coordination, polyrhythms, composition, improvisation as well as big picture issues that concern our cultural role as musician and the radical departures of the 21century business aspects of being a professional musician.

  • 3
    This concerns our attitude, motivations such as interaction with fellow musicians and audience, hopes and fears, expectations, and disappointments, how we experience music in general, progress and stagnation, aesthetic choices, philosophy and much more. This is a very important factor to our artistic developments that is, very unfortunately, not given enough consideration in music tutoring.
My goal for the course is to resolve some of the common mysteries that still surround drumming and offer a clearer and unobstructed view on the many aspects of the art form. Ultimately, I'm hoping to give the attendees a tool for better self awareness, confidence and improved judgement about their abilities, weaknesses and approaches and motivation for their artistic point of view and growth.
— Jo Jo Mayer
4-Star Hotel
501 Hotel Vibo Valentia

How to get to us: Airport - Lamezia Terme | Train Station - Vibo Valentia Pizzo | Highway - Exit S.Onofrio SA-RC

Shuttles available on demand
For the first time Jojo is making an exclusive full
4 days-drum camp in the West
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To make this as easy as possible, you can book now and pay until three weeks before the event, we just need a small advance.

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Drum Camp Bundles
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Full bundle
  • Drum Camp
  • Full-board accommodation
  • Final Concert
  • Certificate
  • Accommodation and Swimming Pool
  • Gadgets
  • Evening activities
Family bundle
  • Full-board accommodation
  • Swimming Pool
  • No Final Concert
  • *You can attend the lessons but can not interact"
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